Freelance Photographer - Candid Family Photography. Portraits. Documentary.

Live events. Onset. Landscapes. Architecture. 

Céline was born in Germany, and both parents are French. She grew up in a culturally mixed environment, between French and US military bases, and had classes in German at school. She learned from an early age to easily switch from one language to another, from one cultural world to another, from one mentality to another.

Her curiosity, personal experience and strive for new challenges led her to photography when she was 16.

Later on, she had a wonderful and encouraging exchange with french photographer Marc Ribout and they shared view on image and photography. He told her to keep being curious and getting scared doing what she loved, as feeling those emotions are a good sign as a photographer. This is exactly why Céline likes portrait so much.

She started her carrier as a freelancer in TV production in France, then was offered good opportunities in Canal Plus Group where she worked for 13 years, mainly in Paris.

Céline is now a freelance photographer and she likes to spend time with her family between contracts. She does candid family, portrait, live, street, documentary, landscape, corporate, still and onset photography. 

She is happy to discover new horizons.

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