Amira Kheir for Rhythm Passport

Amira Kheir

Watching Amira Kheir live is quite an experience, you wonder where that power in her voice comes from. I had already met Amira for pics, for an interview and also for a session, but I had never seen her perform.

Seeing Amira on stage in Kings Place for London International Festival of Exploratory (LIFE) Music came a bit as a shock, as I couldn't believe the power that could come out of this person I had in front of my camera just a few days before.

There was a world between the soft spoken, smiling face I had captured and the impressive Amira on stage that was just as delicate in her gestures as I remembered her as her determined look in her eyes was new to me.

Both were focused and strongly anchored in the ground even though there was a lightness in her movements.

Wherever life and music will take her, Amira's roots will be right under her feet.

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