WOMAD 2014

From July 24th to the 27th, thanks to Rhythm Passport, I had access to the Festival in Charlton Park in Malmesbury, UK.

It was a great time working with the team and taking so many pics in such a short and dense period.

It was a nice feeling to be in the pit with the other photographers, doing this little dance to allow everyone to be able a good shot. I must admit that I really feel more things happening inside me when I get a few moments face to face with the artists.  

I sometimes get frustrated when I can't get to place the artist where the best spot in the light is or far away from the so common white background of the artist's village tents.

In the end, you have to get the best with what little time you sometimes have, your surroundings, and availability of the artist when you meet them.

The challenge makes it fun!! 

You can have a peak there...

Roberto Fonseca

Chloe Charles

Alice Russel

Nuru Kane

Nitin Sawhney

Fatoumata Diawara

Anna Cinzia Villani

Septeto Santiaguero

Oliver Mutukudzi

Imed Alibi

Bassekou Kouyate

Clinton Fearon

Drew Gonsalves - Kobo Town