Exhibition - West Coast Symphonika

It's a first!

The exhibition is called West Coast Symphonika, it is starting July 1st and will close on the 20th.

Each photo represents a state of mind captured during several journeys on the West Coast of America, particularly in San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle, between 2007 and 2008.

Like the movements of a symphony, each moment has a feeling and a rhythm attached to it. And yet they are linked to each other, to create this well known melting pot.

There have been moments of observation (bird view for the crowded mall area), passing ones (the joggers and their dog), hunted for (in the sense that you wait for the right moment or the better picture), moments of discovery (of material, forms or pieces of everyday life), moments of surprise (lunch of the immigrant workers), moments filled with poetry (this simple kite flying above the building line), moments of mystery (this woman decisively crossing this white lines)... and those lines, mix of old and new...

The photos were taken on the West Coast, each one is unique and yet simple and full of contrast. They have been worked with a very deep contrast, and the result is printed on aluminium. Each photo has been specially printed for the exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen at Le Cabotin in Boulogne-Billancourt. M° Porte de St Cloud.

Luna, the manager will welcome you with a glass of her very favorite punch for the opening day. I'm looking forward to see you there!!