New Zealand, I have landed!!

Windy Wellington!

After landing in Auckland and waiting for some delayed luggage, I eventually caught a following plane and made it to Wellington!!

It feels good to be here, and Wellington is as they say: "the coolest little capital in the world".

Wellington will be the base of this New Zealand adventure, the place to go to and to return to while I'm here. 

Wellington Skyline

Everyone here is very friendly and chatty, which is wonderfully pleasant. 

Although it is winter here at the moment, I find the temperatures pretty mild after experiencing a winter in Montreal. Temperatures have been varying between 9 and 17*C, but the wind is the tricky part, always present and sometimes very, very strong. I have experienced, as I had been warned, the four seasons in one single day. That makes it hard to dress in the morning for a day you are going to spend outside. The weather can indeed change very fast.

Leaning against the wind...

Everywhere you go, in the supermarket, on the streets, in a parking lot or a park, you can spot someone walking bare feet, no matter what age. The streets are clean for sure, but it is more a cultural habit.

While in Wellington you can visit Te Papa Museum, the Zoo, have a stroll in the botanical garden , enjoy the walk along the harbour and Oriental Parade, catch a wonderful panoramic view on top of Mount Victoria and after grab a meal or drink in Cuba street. If you are a movie goer and specially a fan of Peter Jackson, you can push your visit to Miramar peninsula and visit the Weta Cave, maybe even enjoy a screening in Peter Jackson's movie theatre called Roxy in the Center.

You can click on the gallery link to see first impressions of Wellington.

!!Click here to watch the Wellington Gallery!!