Marahau, Abel Tasman National Park

Doing the Abel Tasman Great walk is a wonderful thing to do.  Marahau is going a good place to start / end your "Tasmanian" stay.

If you are not looking forward to this beautiful track, you can shorten your stay and use the water-taxis to take you to parts of the National Park, walk parts of the track you chose, enjoy the beaches and the turquoise waters, then take a water-taxi back to Marahau.

All boat skippers have witty personality, and can easily change drop offs if it is convenient enough. 

I don't know if the track won't turn into a mud pool after heavy rains, but on good days, it is a family friendly track to do. You can even arrange with the water taxis to drop your bags off where you'll camp so you enjoy the walk without carrying your heavy bag.

The waters are so clear that it is a perfect place to rent a kayak when the sea is calm. You can get close to seals, get introduced to their newborn pups swimming not far from them. They are really friendly in water, but are more aggressive on land, as they are not as mobile as they can be when swiming.

Beach along the Abel Tasman track

You can walk through tunnels revealing themselves when the tide is low

Discover lots of creeks and bays along the track

Swim or paddle amongst curious seals, they are very friendly in water, just don't wet too close on land as they are not as mobile and feel threatened

Waiting for the water-taxi to pick me up

Beach along the Abel Tasman track

Some creeks are only accessible by land...