Sinclair Head

Owhiro Bay, Red Rocks, Sinclair Head

Owhiro Bay

View of South Island from Owhiro Bay

Following the road along the coast and Owhiro Bay will lead you to a gravel road only accessible to 4x4 vehicle. If you have a doubt, there is a big pool of water that seems deep enough to make you stop. You then wait for the next 4x4 to drive through it and you realise how deep the pool actually is and how glad you are that you didn't drive through it with your van.

Red Rocks Walkway

Ocean Bay Parade

So you park your van and have a nice walk until Sinclair Head via Red Rocks. The view is beautiful. You can see the South Island and it is impressive if Mount Cook is covered in snow. I captured a ferry leaving Wellington and heading to Picton.

On your way there, a local who drove past while he was "walking" his two dogs who were happily running full speed in front and next to the car spoke of hundreds of baby seals further up the road. I was happy to spot a few. One was really playful, he had found a pool of water and he was turning and turning in the water, scrubbing his belly and his face, even his back feet! It resulted at him waving. Sometimes he disappeared completely, only to reappear and start it all again.

Puppy seal resting in Sinclair Head

Playful puppy seal in Sinclair Head