Kuku Beach, Peka Peka Beach

"Last sausage" BBQ on the beach for sunset, Peka Peka Beach

Driving on the West Coast, you have plenty of opportunity to stop at beaches, with easy access. It'S a good excuse for long easy walks and you can enjoy the colourful bird life.

When it's time for sunset, just pick a beach and find your spot. That evening it was Peka Peka Beach, you can drive on the sand along a good stretch, stop for a quick BBQ with your last sausage to make a simple dinner of whatever you find in the van while enjoying the view and keeping warm once the sun disappears completely. 

Kuku Beach

Sunset on Peka Peka Beach with view of Kapiti Islands


Pine cone on Kuku Beach

Royal spoonbill. This angle doesn't show the spoon-like beak