Tui - a bird you grow fond of

Tui birds in Queen Elizabeth Park

Listen to a compilation of Tui songs from Tararua and in the last bit, several Tui birds answering to each other in the Miramar peninsula. 

While in the North Island of New Zealand, and in particularly in the Wellington district, you will hear the songs of Tui birds.

I grew fond of them. The songs are made of a variety of complicated sounds and also vary from one area to another.

The Tui is a shy bird, it hides in the tree and they can be difficult to spot.

They sing when they eat berries they love and they are fun to watch up close.

Though they seem to be black from a distance, you can see on a sunny day that they are dark green and blue. They have distinctive white feathers on their throat, which make an easy feature to recognise them.

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